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Schrock Metal Fabricating
Schrock Metal unveils major upgrade

By WIVB October 18, 2013 - AKRON, N.Y. (WIVB) - Schrock Metal Products has been around for about 20 years, but this last year has been a big one and Friday they showed off their hard work.Watch the full video here

Advanced Manufacturing Upgrade in Akron

By WKBW October 18, 2013 -A unique ribbon cutting involving a blowtorch and metal chain officially opened up the doors to the newly expanded Schrock Metal Products in Akron, as the advanced manufacturing company showed off its recent 1.7 million dollar state-of-the-art upgrade. Watch the full video here

Ribbon Cutting Highlights Advancement in WNY’s Manufacturing Base

Schrock Metal Products, a rapidly growing metal fabricator based in Akron, will host a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house on Friday, October 18 at 10 am at the corporate headquarters at 13557 Bloomingdale Road.

The ceremony marks the culmination of a year-long, $1.7 million, multi-phase initiative that has positioned the company as one of a handful of fabricators in the country with Amada’s innovative high speed laser and loading/storage systems. This sophisticated machinery allows for unprecedented efficiencies in the setup and production change process, allowing Schrock to service its customers with the most precise technology in the world. The event will include machinery demonstrations, facility tours and refreshments.

In January of this year, the company embarked on phase one of a multi-phase vision for growth.  This included the addition of Amada’s high speed linear Drive 4000W Flying Optic Laser and MP Flex load/unload system. Phase two of the vision included the recent installation of a 48-shelf material handling and storage retrieval system, making the company one of a few in the country with an Amada storage capacity of this size. “When we purchased this equipment, the reps at Amada wondered why a shop our size would make such a high-priced investment,” stated John Schrock, who partners the business along with his wife Melisa.  “There was never any question.  To service our clients with unwavering speed and accuracy, and to provide pricing competitive with foreign outsourcing, we needed top-of-the-line machinery.” 

To accommodate this state-of-the-art machinery, the shop in Akron underwent a complete transformation with new front offices and reception area, a modernized production floor and the addition of a 12,000 square foot fully enclosed truck bay for safe, dry, loading and unloading.

The new laser allows the company to cut any geometric shape to the most demanding specifications using a variety of material types while the 48-shelf material handling and storage system means the company can house clients’ material, monitor inventory and run parts through a completely automated process.

Schrock can meet any metal fabricating requirements involving sheet metal, structural steel, pipe fabrication using steel, aluminum and stainless. The company also maintains an extensive inventory of materials, such as angle, channel and sheeting.

With humble beginnings out of the back of a pickup truck, Schrock Metal Products has grown extensively over the past 20 years and is now making significant contributions to manufacturing in New York State and nationwide.

Laser tech adds dimension to metal shop
February 1, 2013 - Buffalo Business First
When making a major purchase, it may be uncommon to hear the seller ask, “Are you absolutely sure you want to buy this product from us?”

But John Schrock said he was effectively asked that when buying a $1.6 million laser-cutting system for his Schrock Metal Products Inc., a welding and metal fabricating company in Akron.

He was convinced his 21-year-old business, which employs 20, would benefit from such a purchase as he looks to increase capacity, reduce product lead time, expand storage, lower costs and better manage workflow.

“The machine is completely automated to the point where it has no operator intervention,” he said.

He was told when placing the phone order that such high-tech, sophisticated pieces of equipment are usually placed by companies larger than his.

“This will set us aside and allow us to be more competitive,” Schrock said of the new machine.

To accommodate the high-speed linear laser, which represents the first in a two-phase installation process, his company added 12,000 square feet of workspace that allows tractor-trailers to drive through so they can be loaded or unloaded.

He said he deposited 10 percent to 15 percent of the total cost and financed the rest through the manufacturer over a five-year period.

The laser cutter will more than double capacity and automate setup and production change processes.

As an example, Schrock said that when the installation is complete, forklift drivers will no longer need to drive to a warehouse location to pick up steel sheets measuring 5 feet by 10 feet, then load them onto a machine.

A computerized tower that allows an elevator to pick up full pallets of material will deliver it to the machine, feed it, then grab an empty pallet for completed components to be added to an empty cartridge.

According to Schrock, the new materials-handling capabilities will be integrated into the company’s MRP system. The ability to keep closer tabs on inventory will also be advantageous, as spending and human error should be reduced.

He said average turnaround for orders is three to four days, but projects often are turned around the same day.

“When we run things that fast, we need accurate accounting and inventory,” he said.

Schrock Metal Expanding to Meet Customers’ Needs
AKRON, N.Y. – Schrock Metal Products, a locally owned metal fabricating company servicing clients nation-wide, announces the first phase of a two phase initiative that will position itself to be one of three fabricators in the country with Amada’s High Speed Linear Drive 4000W Flying Optic Laser integrated with an automated material handling and storage system.
Most recently, the company added 12,000 square feet of space to accommodate the machine’s phase one component, a fully automated laser cutting system designed to reduce lead times, create extra storage, reduce costs and manage workflow. Obtaining the laser was the first in a two-part series that will include the addition of Amada’s FO 4020NT automated load/unload system. Installation of the final piece is expected by mid-July 2013.
Once initiated, the machinery will completely automate and streamline the setup and production change process with no operator intervention and allow Schrock to more than double its capacity with 44 integrated storage cassettes of material readily available. “The machine will deliver a product faster, cheaper and with less operator intervention,” stated Melisa Schrock, vice president. As a final component, Schrock is adding a new truck entrance and bays to its Akron-based facility to create a seamless delivery process.
Schrock now has two lasers as well as CNC punches, robotic welding and two new Amada press brakes. Services include laser cutting, punching, forming, shearing, welding and the best customer service available.
For more than 20 years, Schrock has created hundreds of thousands of parts with orders ranging from one piece to 50,000 pieces. They pride themselves on being the job shops’ job shop.

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